Alta vista takes steps every day to protect students and staff. Our crisis response plan includes strategies to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis in our schools.

Prevention - The best way to address a crisis is to prevent it from ever happening. Alta Vista utilizes several programs including


bullying prevention


secure buildings, and

check-in procedures for visitiors.

Preperation - Alta Vista's crisis planning process includes preparing students and staff for possible dangers by:

holding regular drills for hazards like fire, severe weather, and intruders

regulary updating the crisis response plan

regulary training of the crisis response teams.

Recovery - After a crisis, Alta Vista will work to help students and staff recover from the experience and get back to a sense of normalcy by:

working with district counselors, local mental health workers and local clergy to provide counseling to those affected

returning to the learning process as soon as possible.

You can download a copy of the Alta Visita Crisis Response Plan here.